Resilient Leadership

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Resilient Leadership can be the difference between those who succeed and those who struggle or settle. More than education or experience alone, it can lift you and those you lead to the top of any mountain.

Resilient Leaders have the attitude, purpose, passion and tenacity to help them bounce back more quickly than others and stronger than before. In times of change, pressure, and uncertainty, they are able to lead others to overcome challenges and grow stronger through them. Organizations with Resilient Leaders are better able to execute to the standards of excellence that customers (internal and external) deserve. Employees are more engaged, more loyal to the organization, more likely to go the Extra Mile to achieve results, better able to maintain a work-life balance, and positively impact those around them.

This innovative, powerful course provides insights, strategies and tools you can apply immediately to motivate and inspire others up, down and across the organization.

Competencies supported: Resilience, Creativity/Innovation, Integrity/Honesty, Team Building, Vision

Participants Will:

  • Gain clarity on their leadership style and why resilience is important to their success
  • Learn how your attitude is the foundation for personal and professional resilience
  • Examine how resilient attributes and actions can apply in real-world situations of change and adversity
  • Learn how they can inspire engaged employees and teams who are loyal to them and the organization
  • Hear how great leaders have grown through building resilience
  • Commit to their own personal Resilient Leadership plan

Organizations Gain:

  • Improved morale and a more supportive work environment
  • More resilient leadership succession plan candidates
  • More consistent execution up, down, and across the organization
  • Employees more empowered and motivated to perform and help others
  • An atmosphere where more creative solutions are generated
  • Greater loyalty to the organization/retention
  • Employees with greater skills and tools to be resilient and learn from change and setbacks

What the Research Shows

  • Resilient leaders and their engaged employees are more productive, safer, create stronger relationships with internal and external customers, and stay longer with the organization than less engaged employees. Source: Gallup
  • Research indicates that public organizations ranking in the top quartile of employee engagement had 2 1⁄2 times greater productivity/growth than organizations that were below average. Source: Gallup
  • Leaders around the world (71% in a survey released in March 2010) report “resilience” is the quality they look for in determining who to retain among their employees. Source: Accenture

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