About Our Courses
Jeffrey Gitomer’s New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Best Sellers, Sales Bible and The Little Red Book of Selling are the foundation of TrainOne’s Sales Skills Services. We offer Instructor Led Training and Online Training courses built around the concepts of these extremely successful books. Our offerings include options that can help the junior salesperson learn the basics all the way up to Enterprise Blended Learning Solutions that incorporate Instructor Led Training events with custom content developed specifically for your company, including the “Voice of the Customer” and followup online training that helps reinforce the topics and recapture the enthusiasm of the dynamic Instructor Led events over the course of a few months or years.

Voice of the Customer
While tailoring our courses to meet your specific needs and be written using terminology unique to your field and company is extremely beneficial in helping your team apply the knowledge they will gain, the most impactful component of our customization process is including the voice of your team leaders and your customers, even customers that you’ve lost. By filming your team leaders we can help deliver the best practices of your star performers to your other team members in their own words. They get to hear real examples of big wins as well as missed opportunities. We film your customers and get the unfiltered truth about what they like, what they don’t, what they expect and what you can do to either keep their business or earn back their loyalty. This process has proven hugely successful in strengthening bonds with existing accounts and winning back ones that have been lost by demonstrating your desire to learn from past mistakes. Material gained from this process can also be used by your team as video testimonials in sales presentations. It’s not bragging if someone else says it about you.

Multiple Languages
Our Training Materials have been translated into over 13 languages for use with some of our larger clients with locations around the world. We don’t simply outsource the translation and hope for the best. We ensure that regional dialects and specific terminology is appropriate and require that your team leaders on the ground in those locations review the materials to eliminate any possibility of misinterpretation.

TrainOne’s Learning Management System
Our Online Training Solutions are primarily delivered via our custom Learning Management System, built and maintained in-house. By controlling every aspect of how our online training is delivered to you we can provide custom training and reporting solutions specific to the metrics that you are looking to measure and delivered in the way that best meets your needs. We can build custom reporting interfaces, feed metrics directly into your human resources systems from our LMS or provide SCORM compliant modules to run within your SCORM-compliant LMS. Whether you decide to use our LMS or your own, we can provide SCORM compliant modules for you to take with you at the end of any online training program we provide.