About Our Courses
Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Black Book of Connections is the foundation of TrainOne’s Networking courses. We offer Instructor Led Training courses built around the concepts of this extremely successful book. Our offerings include options that can help the junior salesperson learn the basics all the way up to Enterprise Blended Learning Solutions that incorporate Instructor Led Training events with custom content developed specifically for your company, including the “Voice of the Customer” and followup online training that helps reinforce the topics and recapture the enthusiasm of the dynamic Instructor Led events over the course of a few months or years.

Some of our Instructor Led Training Solutions
Live instructor led events have a high energy level and engage people in a way that’s hard to do in any other format. Enthusiasm and comprehension propel results after successful completion of our Instructor Led Training. For larger organizations looking to have us help solve more specific issues that are similar although not specifically addressed in our courses, we customize our material with your language, your people and your clients as well as audit your organization to help identify areas of additional need that you might not be as aware of being problematic. We also offer Train-the-Trainer sessions for rolling out events to even larger organizations. Our Instructor Led Training Solutions are designed to be delivered to large groups and therefore not practical for individuals. We do however offer any of our ILT courses virtually which can make it practical for smaller than normal groups.

  • Little Black Book of Connections
    In sales, it’s not who you know, but who knows you. The Little Black Book of Connections course will help you make good connections, learn the Secret Power of Connections, define your goals for networking and how to achieve them. You’ll also get tips for become well known in your industry and area.
  • Social Networking

    Social Networking is quickly becoming the new cold call. Learn what social media is, how to works and how to use it specific strategies to build relationships and increase your sales with social media
    Specific strategies for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and YouTube
    Techniques to use throughout the sales cycle