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About Our Courses
Jeffrey Gitomer’s New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Best Sellers, Sales Bible and The Little Red Book of Selling are the foundation of TrainOne’s Sales Skills Services. We offer Instructor Led Training and Online Training courses built around the concepts of these extremely successful books. Our offerings include options that can help the junior salesperson learn the basics all the way up to Enterprise Blended Learning Solutions that incorporate Instructor Led Training events with custom content developed specifically for your company, including the “Voice of the Customer” and followup online training that helps reinforce the topics and recapture the enthusiasm of the dynamic Instructor Led events over the course of a few months or years.

Online Training Solutions
All of our Online Training Solutions are delivered via our custom Learning Management System, built and maintained in-house. Some courses are available to be delivered as SCORM-compliant modules that can be used within your SCORM LMS but due to the intricate nature of some of the courses we’ve developed, SCORM can not run a few of our programs.

  • Ace of Sales Certification
    This course includes 11 classes Jeffrey selected that he feels covers the sales concepts required for you to be an ACE. After going through each of these classes the course presents you with a certification test drawing on the principles of the previous twelve classes. Don’t kid yourself, this isn’t an easy certification. You’ll need to pass with a score of 90% or better. You didn’t think you could be an ACE without at least scoring an A did you? You also only get 3 chances to pass, but once you do you’ll have privileges to add the letters ACE to your business card and we’ll send you your personalized Ace of Sales Certification.
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  • Little Red Book of Selling
    Based directly on the 12.5 principles from Jeffrey’s New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Best Seller, The Little Red Book of Selling, this course covers each principle in detail, includes mini-lectures by Jeffrey on the material and exercises that help you understand and apply the information in a fun and engaging manner.
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  • Sales Success Assessment
    This assessment, designed by Jeffrey, was developed to identify the gap between your knowledge and Jeffrey’s knowledge. After taking the in-depth assessment you will be presented with a course of 36 lectures by Jeffrey for you to view at your own pace, covering the areas identified. Probably our most under-rated service available, the Sales Success Assessment gives you access to an overwhelming wealth of video of Jeffrey diving deep into the topics that you specifically need the most.
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  • 4-Class Sales Courses
    These courses, culled from the Sales Bible, each contain 4 classes that focus on a particular aspect of the sales process. Each class includes an in-depth lecture by Jeffrey on the topic and an engaging interactive section that reinforces the material covered in the lecture. Whether you’re a salesperson looking to gain a little more insight into a technique or a sales manager looking to build a personalized course to deploy to your team on areas that need help, these 4-Class Courses are ideal, in-depth tutorials that help you gain a new perspective and open your mind, getting you or your team out of the sales rut you may have fallen in.

    Courses Currently Available
    Selling Basics

    • Follow-Up
    • Upselling
    • Smart Questions
    • Attitude
    Sales Techniques

    • Are You Ready
    • How to Treat Customers
    • Ask Don’t Whine
    • Negotiating Your Price
    Become a Closer

    • Close the Sale
    • Buying Signals
    • Low Pressure Sales
    • Decisions and Indecisions

    • Objection Prevention
    • Price vs Cost
    • Eliminating Rats
    • More Sales Barriers
    Increase Your Sales

    • Next 100 Sales
    • Sales Slump
    • Double Your Sales Income
    • Power Presentation
    Get Their Attention

    • Creative Letters and E-mails
    • Brand Me
    • Getting Your Calls Returned
    • Appointment Obstacles
    Create a Buying Atmosphere

    • Intelligent Engagement
    • The Sense of Selling
    • Consultative Sales Call
    • Buying Motives
    Understanding Your Customer

    • Telephone Mastery
    • Listen and Sell
    • Pre-Call Planning
    • How Different Are You?
    The Power of Proof

    • Referrals
    • Testimonials
    • Selling Meets Storytelling
    • Objections
    Becoming a Better Salesperson

    • It’s About Time
    • Rating Success
    • Give A Speech
    • Sales Mission Statement

    • Netweaving
    • Speech Speech
    • Networking
    • New New Economy

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Corporate Instructor Led Training Solutions
Live instructor led events have a high energy level and engage people in a way that’s hard to do in any other format. Enthusiasm and comprehension propel results after successful completion of our Instructor Led Training. For larger organizations looking to have us help solve more specific issues that are similar although not specifically addressed in our courses, we customize our material with your language, your people and your clients as well as audit your organization to help identify areas of additional need that you might not be as aware of being problematic. We also offer Train-the-Trainer sessions for rolling out events to even larger organizations. Our Instructor Led Training Solutions are designed to be delivered to large groups and therefore not practical for individuals. We do however offer any of our ILT courses virtually which can make it practical for smaller than normal groups.

  • Little Red Book of Selling
    The Little Red Book of Selling course offers sales professionals an in-depth and hands-on perspective of Jeffrey’s New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Best Seller.
  • The Patterson Principles of Selling
    The Patterson Principles of Selling are more than 100 years old. They have a history of success, are easily understood, and can be mastered with some hard work. Together these principles encompass an approach to the sales process that will lead you and your students to success this day, this month, this year, and this lifetime. The goal of this course is to present learners with a working framework that will enable them to apply The Patterson Principles of Selling to their personal and professional lives.

Tools for Sales Managers

    Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Success in a Box

    Introducing the newest of Jeffrey’s training offerings, Sales Success-in-a-Box delivers powerful training to you and your sales team via DVD. Following the proven sales techniques in his best-selling book Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Bible, your sales team can now watch, listen, laugh and learn. This easy to use product allows you to guide your sales team as they test their knowledge, learn from Jeffrey as he delivers his content on video, engage in productive and exciting team discussions and leave ready to take action!

    Basic Product Overview:

    • DVD training that you can use anywhere, anytime
    • 8 interactive training modules (approximately 20-40 minutes each):
    • Are you Ready?
    • Attitude
    • Intelligent Engagement
    • Smart Questions
    • Objections
    • Follow-Up
    • Buying Motives
    • Close the Sale
    • 5 participant workbooks (additional workbooks for larger teams available for purchase)
    • Ability to work at your own pace
    • Easy to understand and apply content with discussion questions that get you to think!

    What’s in the Box?
    1 DVD with 8 training modules, 5 participant workbooks

    Available for Purchase NOW from for $500
    More than 5 people? Purchase additional workbooks for $50 each by calling (800) 450-8566