Case Studies

TrainOne Client Study 1

The subject of this client study is a top-five US wholesale (business-to- business) plumbing & HVAC company with over 20,000 employees, current annual sales of about $11 billion, and locations in all fifty states.

In 2005, they, with TrainOne’s help, launched a comprehensive $10 million customer loyalty training program – The Customer Loyalty Imperative – to help ensure consistently excellent customer service as a way to increase sales and profits. This program ran over four years, and remains the largest training program ever conducted by the company, covering some 31,000 students (95% of the entire company at all roles and levels, as well as all new associates and company acquisitions over the period). Training – a blended program of live instructor-led classes, online courses, and related programs – happened at about 1,000 corporate locations, and over 500 people were involved in its design, creation, and delivery.

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TrainOne Client Study 2 – Making an Investment in the Future

The subject of this client study is a US Fortune 100 investment and Insurance company with employees and branch locations across the company and billions of dollars in managed investments.

In 2005, the Company engaged TrainOne to develop an online sales training program for them, based on …

  • best-selling sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer’s original sales training and attitude / motivation content
  • best existing practices from their sales reps
  • concepts / insights to help their sales team better understand why customers choose to do business with them.

Over the next three years, TrainOne developed and delivered this program to a group of 140 key learners within the Company and the results have been very positive.

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